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Call for Intent to Run for Office - The Dragon's Dreaming
February 26th, 2010
07:17 am


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Call for Intent to Run for Office
Greetings Fjordsmen,

Spring will soon be here and the time has come again to call for statements of intent to run for office. So anyone who wishes to run for the office of Regent or the office of Prime Minister needs to submit a written statement to that effect. Written Intent must be submitted to Queen Katrin no later than 7:00 pm March 14th.

· Regents must meet the minimum scores in an Arts and Sciences tournament with at least two non-similar entries, pass a Reeve's test, pass a Kingdom Awareness test, and pass a Bylaws and Kingdom Laws test.

· Prime Ministers must pass a Kingdom Awareness test and pass a Bylaws and Kingdom Law test, as well as a PM's test.

Regent = The Regent (Prince, Princess, or similar title) is a Sovereign Officer and oversees all Arts and Science activities in the Kingdom. As such, his powers include;

* is responsible for overseeing the creation and availability of the non-governing documents of the Kingdom.
* shall presides over all official functions and courts of the Kingdom, with the exception of Althings and elections, if the Monarch is unavailable.
* oversee the conduct of a kingdom-wide Arts and Sciences competition.
* oversee the conduct of a Kingdom-wide symposium, collegium, or similar event.
* is address as "Your Highness" or equal persona-appropriate honorific.

Prime Minister = The Prime Minister is an administrative Sovereign Officer and oversees the non-game aspects of the Kingdom's business and operation. As such, his powers include;

* oversees the collection of dues from the contributing members and the maintenance of membership records.
* keeps accurate records of the Kingdom treasury.
* presides over all Althings and elections.
* reports the results of Althing and Elections in an efficient and timely manner.
* keeps the attendance records of the populace.
* oversees the collection and updating of all member information.

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