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War of the Winds, Part I - The Dragon's Dreaming
February 26th, 2010
07:22 am


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War of the Winds, Part I
To all peoples within the Combined Realms, let be known the following truths and deeds which have caused the Free Kingdom of Drakenfjord to seek violent redress against it's neighbors,

- Whereas the Kingdom of Barad-Duin has knowingly and willfully planted a colony within the sovereign territory of Drakenfjord,

- Whereas the Kingdom of Barad-Duin has given aid and support to those forces actively engaged in banditry and pillage along our shared border,

- Whereas the citizenry of Drakenfjord have been subjected to a variety of abuses and exploitations, to include involuntary relocation, forced labor, and even subjected to the horrors of medical & magical experimentation,

- Whereas Drakenfjord's efforts to conduct diplomatic solutions to these issues have been rebuffed and ignored on no less than four

- Whereas the efforts of Drakenfjord to provide humanitarian relief to it's people have been obstructed and blockaded by brigands in the illicit pay of Barad-Duin,

- Whereas no just Kingdom could ignore such heinous crimes against it's subjects, or look away from such a dire threat to the very sovereignty of the nation,

The Free Kingdom of Drakenfjord is left with no other honorable course than to acknowledge that a state of war now exists between this kingdom and the expansionist and heretical tyranny of Barad-Duin.

It is hoped that what was once a strong and productive friendship between our two lands might someday be rebuilt, but this will require the full compliance with the following terms;

First, that Barad-Duin release for all time all claims on those lands of Drakenfjord which are administered through the Principality of Four Winds,

Second, that Barad-Duin make full reparations to those residents of Four Winds for the various calamities, atrocities, and human rights violations committed upon them,

Third, that Barad-Duin complete the extradition of various war criminals into Drakenfjord custody to stand trial on the charges listed above, chiefly among them the former Crown of Barad-Duin, Aeris Stormcrow Darkflare (a.k.a. Aeris the Roaming Bard of Barad-Duin, a.k.a. Aeris the Bloody Bard, a.k.a. Aeris Pixieboffer), and his immediate accomplices.

Until these conditions are met, let no word of appeasement be made. As much as we despise such turmoil between ancient friends, there shall be no peace without justice, and no rest without vengeance.

Be it known to all those who would seek dominion over the Fjordsmen, we shall grant you six feet of our scared lands, plus as much as you are taller, for it is our wish that your empty husk rests in comfort while your soul rests in Hela's cold embrace.

--- Dame Katrin Kött Karlsdöttir, Queen of Drakenfjord & Sir Cedric Aeschere Einarsson, Prince of Drakenfjord

(P.S. - Drakenfjord will look favorably upon all stout peoples who would join under our banner and give righteous battle against the
corrupt and tyrannical powers that infest Barad-Duin. Wages to be negotiated. Bring your own tools.)

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