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AllThing Results - The Dragon's Dreaming
April 26th, 2010
07:17 pm


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AllThing Results
Here is how the Kingdom stands as of the beginning of May.

The Althing was held on 4/25/10 to determine four matters, all of  which were approved by a majority vote.

First.) Coronation Date = Since Halloween falls on a weekend this  year, it was decided to move Coronation up one week to avoid the
conflict. Coronation will be held on October 22-24. This is a  temporary change that applies only to this year.

Second.) Term limits = The Regent, Prime Minister, and Guildmaster of  Reeves are no longer limited to serving two consecutive terms before  having to step down. Term limits on the Monarch still apply.

Third.) Office Renaming = The Prime Minister's office has been renamed  the Chancellor's office.

Fourth.) Province Restructuring = Sections F and G of the Bylaws has been replaced with a new Section F. In addition to allowing greater
flexibility by the Kingdom and the Provinces, it established the following provisions;
* The Kingdom of Drakenfjord is now officially based in Livingston
* The Royal Relief Fund (aka Provincial Relief Fund) has been absorbed into the Kingdom Treasury.

All Provinces have until May 8 to reapply for Provincial status with  the Kingdom Monarch. Provinces that do not reapply by this date will
be considered defunct.

This includes all Crown Colonies, Outposts, Shires, Baronies, Duchies, Grand Duchies and Principalities.

* * * * *

As of April 25, the following players are Dues-Paid Members (and their expiration dates):
Becka, until May 17, 2010
Beth Smith, until February 10, 2011
Cedric, until April 10, 2011
Hanako, until April 4, 2011
Katrin, until April 10, 2011
Mokavu, until April 25, 2011
Nawguthion, until April 16, 2011
Ophilia, until April 16, 2011
Thaya, until April 4, 2011

Just to avoid any further confusion, there will be no Pro-Rating of membership dues, or less than the total amount of annual dues
accepted. This practice has cost the Kingdom approximately $104 since 2006 and is no longer endurable
. Dues are $12.00 (Twelve dollars) for 12 months. There are no "Lifetime Memberships" or "Pro-rated dues" to be had.

* * * * *

As of April 25, 2010, the Kingdom Treasury has $397.81 in it's coffers. In the last year, this has come from the following primary
Member Dues : $108
Event Income : $30
Private Donations : $79.02

* * * * *

Current award status can be found on the Kingdom Order of Precedent at www.drakenfjord.org/library

And in related news, welcome to Hanako as the newest member of the Order of the Pheasant.

* * * * *

BE ADVISED : I will begin seeking deputies to support the Office of the Chancellery beginning next week. In some cases this is a simple
deputy position, while in others it counts as an Associate Office position. Everyone is fair game, no on is safe.

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