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Site Work Day July 17, 2010 - The Dragon's Dreaming
July 11th, 2010
11:35 am


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Site Work Day July 17, 2010
WE have a Event site workday next Saturday!!!

For those coming out next weekend for the work day, here is the stuff
we must get done;

#1 is pickup fallen branches and large sticks.

#2 remove the fencing in the "corral area", this is where the kitchen
is going so we need to get it all down so we can start laying out the

#3 remove the fencing over by the storage trailer.

#4 remove the fencing that divides the parking area from the "orchard"

#5 clear path thru the forest. Mike has made trails that are obvious.
We need to trim some stuff back so it is easy to drive the tractor
thru with the brush hog. This will require someone to come along with
trimmers and cut back some of the branches on some of the trees/bushes
along the trails. This will also make your play in the area a lot more
fun and safe.

If anyone  can bring surplus treated lumber it would be great to use
on the kitchen. 2x6, 2x8 or larger. OSB or plywood sheets. 30lb felt.
8d to 12d nails, joist hangers.

If we can get an early start on the work stuff when it's cool it is
going to be more pleasant for everyone. Mike is planning on getting
started at 7am. I know most of us are not morning people but believe


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