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Drakenfjord Coronation / EndReign XV - The Dragon's Dreaming
May 10th, 2011
04:44 am


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Drakenfjord Coronation / EndReign XV
Come One Come All! You Are Hereby Invited to Attend the
Drakenfjord Coronation Celebration

Location: 136 Belladona Drive, Onalaska, TX 77360
Date: October 28 - 30, 2011
...Event Fee $10.00
Co-Autocrats Queen Katrin II and Chancellor Nadia of Drakenfjord
Feast'o'crat : TBA

We will start the activities off with a few Practice Bouts to be followed by a game of Capture the Egg. After everyone has settled into camp we will have a Tavern Brawl. Then after the Tavern Brawl there will be Zombie Games for those who are still interested in combat activity.

Saturday will start with a Knife Fighting Tourney to warm up while the Haunted Artisan Competition begins. While the entries are being judged there will be an adventure in the Lost Woods. Afternoon Court will follow the Yeoman's Tourney. Then it will be time for all adventurers to fend off the ware creatures and find their way out of the Maze. As darkness falls we will set up Feast as the last pack attack takes place. Feast shall include a peoples choice award for the best tasting, most inspired, ghoulish food or drink entry.

Evening Court will be followed by a break while all ready themselves for the Masquerade Ball and Games. After the Ball the guests will need to cross Icobod's Bridge to find their way to their beds.

Planned Activities Include:
Practice Bouts
Capture the Egg
Tavern Brawl
Zombie Battle
Knife Fighting
Haunted Artisan Competition
Lost Woods
Yeoman's Tournament
Afternoon Court
Pack Attack
Frightful Feast
Ghoulish Food & Drink Competition
Evening Court
Masquerade Ball & Mystery Game
Ihcobod's Bridge
Vampires Vs. Weres (played only if time allows)
Assassin Game: (played only if time allows)

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